Poisonous Plant

To have the power to end lives or save them might be unimaginable for some. However, have it ever occurred to you, that you actually hold said power? Yes, you do.


We use this word a lot. Too much, actually. You write about it, you speak of it, but do you truly understand the overwhelming power it holds? An idea is a poisonous plant. Dangerously beautiful. It bears flowers the colors invisible to the cones that the thought of them is enough to make us spill blood on a feud. Handled carefully, the root can be used as a remedy. Come to touch with the stem without warning and you would breathe your last in seconds. Sow the seed in a lost mind, they jump off a bridge without a gun held to their head. A fearsome illusion that can encourage one to be the greatest or shatter one into pieces. It has brought harmony and devastation. Saved lives but also ended them. If you put out an idea of glory, we would kill each other just thinking of ever having it within our reach. In history, it has caused war, after all.

Be wary of its utmost frightening feature: an idea never dies. The creator, the holder may die but no, not an idea. You cannot kill an idea. Rather, the more you meddle with one, the more impactful it grows, pervading like an epidemic.

We have total control when we can entertain an idea and its deceiving tricks. The best part is, you can even play God.


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