How fortunate it is that you have stumbled upon my dimension. Look at you! Aren’t you a curious being. Tell me, what is it are you? A machine? An alien? A creature of nightmare?

What? What was that you said?

Oh, a human! It has been so long since I’ve had a visitor from the human world! I lived there before.. it was chaos. Monsters and greedy goblins! Only a few of us were left. But when desire rises above our heart, there were none. The reason why I fled! On top of my flight of fancy!

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Ah! I apologize, my dear, for how rude I was. Where’s my manner? Lost it somewhere—might be those darn pecking pigeons—when I was on my flight. I haven’t told you who I am!

Silly. Silly. Silly.

I am the Mad Maverick,

a person so desperate of being distinguished that her mind was turned upside down. Where you’re standing right now is inside my mind! A place where abstract lives and loneliness accompanies. Worry not, my dear, you’ll fit right in.

Fancy a cup of tea?